About Me

My name is Fernando Amaral and I’ve been a Digital Marketer since the early days of the world wide web.

Just like you, I am always learning new stuff in this ever changing virtual universe that is the internet. In this blog I want to share some of that knowledge.

Marketing Droid is where I talk about online marketing, building a better web, generating traffic, getting leads and sales, and everything related. It could be blogging, email marketing, e-commerce, social networks, mobile apps, affiliate marketing, and whatever the future of digital marketing holds for us.

As an entrepreneur  I created my own online business and launched many different projects over the last decade.

I built my first website while I was studying Computer Science at Instituto Superior Técnico, back when Yahoo ruled the web and Netscape was the browser to have. The site was about my sports club, Sporting Clube de Portugal, years before it had an official website.

Then I watched the rise of Google and became obsessed with Search Engine Optimisation. As an SEO I had a lots of fun and great success building my own websites, although most of it was kept secret to avoid competition.

I quickly realised I could make a living working online by myself and that’s exactly what I did, right after graduation.

I built communities before social networks were cool. At that time vBulletin was my weapon of choice. For websites I chose Joomla and WordPress. With the exponential growth in development of the platform, plugins and themes, WordPress became my favorite CMS by far.

While advertising (mostly from AdSense) was my main source of income for a long time, I also played around with e-commerce. Amongst many different projects, I created a videogames site that got me a weekly TV appearance for 18 months, one of the top MMO blog for portuguese webmasters, a small network of flash gaming websites and many more.

While I was still focused in search engines, I started to look into Facebook and other social networks as they started to grow very fast. I created more than a few pages and got hundreds of thousands of fans, taping into a great new source of traffic for my projects.

Many times I was invited to talk at conferences and schools about my online work.

All this experience got me to where I am today – digital strategist, content marketer, webmaster, blogger – I am all of these and some more. Nowadays I try to focus on my main expertise and help brands grow in the digital marketing space.

I live in Cascais, Portugal – the best place in the world. I love photography, life by the sea, football (you may call it soccer) and great music. I am also a devoted Star Wars fan.

I hope you enjoy reading Marketing Droid. Feel free to subscribe to the blog, follow me on every social network or contact me.