Rui Unas – The day television died

Television died today. The date is April 20015. Rui Unas has nearly a million followers over several online platforms, as he announces, live on Periscope, the death of television. Ironically, the announcement is made from a TV studio, minutes before Unas goes live as a guest on the portuguese talk show 5 para a meia-noite. While unsuspecting viewers watch late night TV at home, around 20 people, connected to a new iPhone app, realize nothing will be the same again.

The 4 biggest mistakes most people make when buying a domain name

Now that you have decided to build your personal brand, the first thing you need is to secure a domain name. This will be your digital address. The domain name will be the cornerstone of your brand, so it’s essential to avoid mistakes. Changing domain names later on is an extremely difficult and painful task, so read carefully to get it right the first time.